x 4 dvd convertering

Bug Menu text style editor does not save new created style (wesson) - resolved.
Bug Remove add subway surfers halloween update video icon at "bottom" line merging window (wesson) - resolved.
Feature Request Prevent Windows 7 from going to sleep when converting (wesson) - resolved.Fast and quality encoder, typically less than 1 hour for converting 1 movie, and supports Multi-Core processors!Bug v2 regression no audio on 2 files in test validation 2 (wesson) - resolved.Bug Text in sub-window Settings (header) lost.Bug Video processing failed to init on stream 0000001 when cropping merged files (wesson) - resolved.Bug v6 ├četa: Add a few files, then click Automatic / Add lots more files, no changes on the Advisor!Feature Request Add DVD Options to log for No Menu template (wesson) - resolved.compiled with newest innosetup.3.6(unicode) ConvertXtoDVD - Version 5a ( Released before 24 of nov 2009 ) : Bug v4 in window to enter license key " pressing 'enter' closes window not saving key (wesson) - resolved.Txt Portable Editions ConvertXtoDVD_Portable_f.exe Remove Driver (Compatibility Mode).exe Keygen Keygen.Bug does not know how to convert more than 1 file (or depending on order.?) (wesson) - resolved.

ConvertXtoDVD - 4 Interface improvement and fixes.
While this procedure has always been possible, this program removes the complications and makes the process accessible to even novice users.
Feature Request wording: change wording in settings under the burning tab (wesson) - resolved.
Bottom Line ConvertXtoDVD gives users of all skill and experience levels the ability to create DVDs from files stored on the computer.Suggestion make some treeview items clickable (in the case virtual treeview doesnt work) (wesson) - resolved.Bug video does not play smooth, fps detection different per ConvertX version (wesson) - resolved.Suggestion highlight words 'get a new key so users click on link - resolved.TubeMate Downloader, google Play, vidMate, shareit - Transfer Share.Crash v8 error when merging files with subitltes / when subtitles are automatically loaded with video - resolved.ConvertXtoDVD - 8 Bugfix release on interface issues : Crash ConvertX crash when starting - resolved.Hard disk drive with at least.3 Gbytes free.Bug whening chaning menu I access violation in a non reproducable manner (wesson) - resolved.