visual basic 6 collection add method

End Property, by the way, developers can also call the Item method directly, if they prefer.
Then the code claude bolling suite for flute and jazz piano trio finds out how many paragraphs exist and loops backwards to create a string.
The Tables collection resides under the Document object.While I can, in fact, call the property anything I want, developers expect an indexer property to be called Item.I want to give you a lot of T code samples today.Range rng ntent With.ClearFormatting.Execute(FindText Hello Table _ ReplaceWith Found Table _ End With leaseComObject(rng) End Sub The procedure sets a Range object that contains all document Content.As a result, you can use the Dictionary object in any COM-compliant script, including VBScript, JScript, and Perl scripts.Text "Hello Table" leaseComObject(table) leaseComObject(curDoc) End Sub In this case, I like a table with 1 column and 7 rows and 0 formatting.

By the end of the samples, my hope is you will have a general idea of how to access and edit content within a Word document.
You can use this method in code similar to that.
In Listing 2, you're using the Items method to fill arr with the values in dict.
When you create a custom collection you'll want to do it with the last effort, and that's what this column is about: What's the minimum code you need to create a collection with whatever arbitrary set of features you need?
This code does exactly that.Range : Think of this object like real-estate.The selected item feature allows code in one part of your application to specify an item in the collection and code in another part of the application to access that item through a SelectedItem property.Private Sub DeleteComments Dim curDoc As cument tiveDocument leteAllComments leaseComObject(curDoc) End Sub There is no need to loop through the Comments collection.In Listing 2, you begin by creating an array called arr.