ubuntu 12.04 set default desktop environment

Click the Open button on the bottom-right of the window to confirm.
Browse to apps gwd, look for on the right panel.
How to remove OpenBox: sudo apt-get -purge openbox obconf obmenu.
Have a look here.Answer Accepted: No, question Category: Ubuntu Linux, share, facebook.Registered members can contact the editor with comments or suggestions by clicking here.Select themes and icons, etc.

Enter gksu nautilus in the "Command" box, then click the Apply button.
This tip is for naming a partition using the application; use other advanced features such age of empire iii as format, edit or delete partition with caution as they can delete data on your disk.
Under the "General Settings" tab, select the default entry you like to boot up from the drop-down menu.You can change this default setting easily.Back to Index Change a Folder Icon When running a default file browser, you will see that the folder icons are predetermined by the theme you set.Install CompizConfig Settings Manager from the Ubuntu Apps Directory if the application is not in your system.Re:.04 GDM bible lesson on proverbs 31 Default Session / Desktop Environment.For Ubuntu.04 Click the Dash Home button (or tap Super type Disk Utility to search for the application and run.February 7th, 2013 #1.04 GDM Default Session / Desktop Environment.