truco manual perfecto tony hawk underground 2 pc

Head to de jogos multiplayer para pc gratis the hospital and use a quarter pipe near the entrance to get onto the roof.
Hold down A and let go when you reach the top of sap press fi books the ramp and next hold down the Left Trigger (L) and the Right Trigger (R) and let go.
Head to the bowling alley of the barn and climb the ladder by the bowling pins.
Now get speed on the QP on the Franklin's house and then go up the other QP and grind the rail above and just before you go left around the corner monkey see monkey do eminem Ollie off and land in a grind on the church roof.
When you grind around the corner you will recieve the point.Air up on the far left side and lip trick the rail up above.Grind the ramp leading up to the balcony of the blueish green building in the far front corner of the main area.Tag The Big Billboard 25 Points Go to where the dragon is spraying out water in the fountain.Grind the edge towards the beach busting through the glass.

Grind the bend in the cable to get the gap.
Head to the back corner to talk to Eric Koston.
Revert - Press L2 or R2 when landing in a vert ramp.
Just simply Spine Transfer over them (L and R).Near the end of the path you will find the last trash can to natas spin.Ye Olde Cannon Grind 25 Points Go to the end of the park near the construction site and find the burning trash can.Arcade Machine High Score 50 Points For all Arcade Machine High Score goals i recommend you read the "How To Score High Points" part of this guide.(100 points) - Go to the end of the level and drop down into the basement.Sants Awning 100 Score Sants Bench Flip 100 Score Sants Benches 100 Score Subway Manual 100 Score Tick Toc 100 Score Go to Estacion Saints (the green underground passageway) and turn left when you climb up the steps.OO My First Combo OO All Modes - Go up the quarter pipe and grind the top.On the next quarter pipe, air transfer over the dragon statue and into the other quarter pipe.The actual hard part to this goal is the fact that a car is constantly driving up and down this road.