star wars the old republic patch 2.0

Corrected several PvP items that were Bind on Equip.
Fixed a bug that caused some abilities with activation times to be interrupted when used from cover.
Fixed an issue that caused a client crash if a space station was destroyed in Space Combat.
Bug Fixes, corrected several PvP items that were Bind on Equip.Eternity Vault, gharj can no longer be pulled out of his encounter room.Toxic Waste bonus objective regardless of how quickly they complete this mission.Maps Group members no longer appear on all planets on the Galaxy Map.The In-Game Customer Service Portal no longer appears to hang while the "updating" message is displayed.Bug Fixes, fixed an issue that could cause choosing Nightmare Mode to not set enemies to Nightmare difficulty.Number One with a Bullet after completing this mission.First Strike : Players who did not receive this mission will now receive it upon entering their personal starships.MK-4 8000 Credtis, mK-5 15000 Credtis, mK-6 20000 Credtis.The Show Sith Corruption option no longer toggles off when transitioning between areas.

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Grades - Frasium - Beryllius Luxusstoffe.
Grades, carbonic Crystal (Kohlenstoffhaltiger Kristall), perfect Carbonic Crystal (Perfekter Kohlenstoffhaltiger Kristall).
MK-1 1000 Credtis, mK-2 2500 Credtis, mK-3 4000 Credtis.Grades - Exotic Element Equalizer (Exotischer Elementausgleicher) - Mass Manipulation Generator Zusatzmaterialien - Curundum Powder - 600 Credits (Korundpulver) - Tricopper Flux - 600 Credits (Dreikupfer-Flussmittel) - Rybcuurse Implant Processor - 600 Credits (Grobryb-Implantatsprozessor) Diese Zusatzmaterialien sind derzeit durch kaufen und nun auch wieder durch.Republic, death Cloud : Players can now complete the.Players can now use emotes while riding a vehicle.General, guilds that are currently leaderless will have an Officer chosen and promoted to Guild Leader.The patch has also "removed some high-level harvesting nodes from Tatooine, Corellia, and Ilum presumably in a bid to stop recent problems with low level players harvesting high level loot and unbalancing the economy.