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Mindfulness meditation is promoted as a means to help Americans work mindfully, parent mindfully, take standardized tests mindfully, and go to war mindfully.
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Britton shows me a 2010 paper written by University of Colorado-Boulder psychologist Sona Dimidjian that was published."They had been through so many doctors, therapists, and dharma teachers.More than half of her patients reported positive "life-altering experiences" after a recent eight-week meditation program, for example.I cling to what is mine!In late January this year, Time magazine featured a cover story on "the mindful revolution an account of the extent to which mindfulness meditation has diffused into the largest sectors of modern society.To find interviewees, however, her team contacted well-known and highly esteemed teachers, such as Jack Kornfield at California's Spirit Rock and Joseph Goldstein at the Insight Meditation Center in Massachusetts.Law Make them end.Law I wouldn't care.