shutdown event tracker windows 2008 r2

Click OK, then close the local group policy editor.
You also should know how to disable the feature by using either Group Policy or the Windows Registry.
Because the policy says Display Shutdown Event tracker its default behavior when not configured is to display the tracker. .
The feature is called the Shutdown Event Tracker. .
Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesSystem, open the, display Shutdown Event Tracker policy, and set it to, disabled.So the question is how do you disable the shutdown event tracker?In Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, we have the Shutdown Event Tracker to assist us in not only the previously mentioned scenarios, but also for any shutdown-related troubleshooting we may be called to undertake.If you prefer unix sumitabha das ebook to use the Registry to perform this action, then type regedit from the Run dialog or an administrative command prompt and navigate to NTReliability.When you perform an orderly shutdown or restart in Windows Server 2008 R2, the default behavior of the operating system is to display the Shutdown Event Tracker dialog box.

No more Shutdown Event Tracker!
Open Group Policy editor. .
Lets clear up some terminology before we proceed any further: Planned : This is a shutdown or restart event that was accounted for in advance.
You could use MMC and add the local group policy snap in or you can simply click on Start and then type.This is shown in the next figure: Shutdown Event Tracker dialog, the systems administrator has an opportunity to (a) specify whether the event is planned or unplanned; (b) choose an event category; and (c) provide a comment.In my case it is an annoyance that slows the process of shut down. .Latest posts by Timothy Warner ( see all contents of this article, some IT departments are under governmental and/or industry regulations that require them to account for all system downtime.Note : You can manage the Shutdown Event Tracker for multiple systems through Active Directory Group Policy.Display Shutdown Event Tracker.Timothy Warner, timothy Warner is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management.If your server crashes or suffers an otherwise unexpected restart, the Shutdown Event Tracker is invoked automatically upon the first administrator logon to the system.