health insurance penalty exemptions

Who Has to Pay and How Much Is It?
"More than 2 million enrolled under Obamacare".
"President Obama Reiterates Support for Public Option and Health Insurance Exchange".Taxpayers who get their health insurance through their employer or government sponsored programs like Medicare or Medicaid, which will be the majority, will be able to prove their compliance via their tax filing by check a box on their normal tax (1040 series) return validating."Health Insurance Premium Credits Under ppaca (P.L."Risk Pooling and Regulation: Policy and Reality in Today's Individual Health Insurance Market".

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The tax penalty is pro-rated, so that a person who is not covered for only a single month would pay 1/12th of the tax that would be due for the full year.
Additionally, a study done by Pauly and Herring estimates that individuals with pre-existing conditions in the 99th percentile of financial risk represented.95 times the average risk (mean).Citizens who qualify as residents of a foreign country under the IRS foreign earned income exclusion rule."Establishing Health Insurance Marketplaces: An Overview of State Efforts"."An Analysis of Health Insurance Premiums Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act".However, the Supreme Court ruled in National Federation of Independent Business."Just Another Obamacare Delay".Retrieved July 17, 2013.