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The myth all started when a photo was put on the internet what looked like a half rat half man.
As demuestres your irs ascending capabilities, this will provide your own men and the ability to carry out your own beats for the family.
The sound occurs whenever player goes down into the tunnels from the Storm Drain entrance.
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Some say it's old, dried-up blood from hospital victims that died in that specific area.How to play gangster free, no downloads.Some people believe the photo is fake and it is photo-shopped, or that it is too blurry to tell what.But for that you must start at the bottom as an errand boy for sb hotshot, tendrs to make msbsicos commissions to earn a reputation.You'll have to start beating up people who owe money or enemies of the family, also must perform robberies and take care of sb information sopln not never.Lire plus d'articles, les lois concernant l'utilisation d'un logiciel varient d'un pays à l'autre.There is also more of this "Ratman Blood" on the.A strange breathing sound can be heard down in the tunnels, which may be the sounds of Ratman.Both types report the same actions.

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Others believe that "Ratman Blood" is motor oil stains because there are motor oil cans on the roof of the hospital.
The laughter seems to come from behind a blocked off area of the tunnels and can be heard almost every time the player gets near the blocked off area.In fact, several of these little orange pools of liquid can be found in various places inside the underground subway system.There have been no large-scale investigations into Ratman in GTA V as of yet, but his existence seems possible.False (GTA V ratman is arguably the most famous myth in, grand Theft Auto.A mysterious laughter can be heard down in the maintenance tunnels in downtown Los Santos.Also, somewhere on the map, there is some graffiti on the wall that happens to look like a man with a rat's head.