games bola 2009 pc

Solution 1: Use a tractor to push the whale onto the water.
Organ Donor - write 2 or more organs.
Solution 3: Use a priest, equipped with an AXE, to defeat the Behemot.Puzzle 6-3 objective: Do two twenty nine card game things to celebrate the newlyweds!Solution 2: Give an alarm clock to the boy (interact with it to make it ring and bacon to the girl.Solution 3: Type I WIN.Puzzle 4-9 objective: Lead the sweethearts back to each other, but don't harm the witch!Solution 2: Move Maxwell to the rightmost point, just next to the barrels, and put him inside a shelter.

When it is about to fall, tie it to the lower metallic square with a rope.
Solution 2: Repeat by using a lion, along with a trampoline.
Solution 3: Use a pistol (or, to be more accurate, several ones a underwater helmet and some handcuffs.
Solution 3: Use a lion to get rid of the animals.
Solution 3: Block the bombs by using two BOX, and then fly by using pegasus.Outer Wild puzzle 6-1 objective: Hunt duck!Wear a scuba, go to the right, fly a ROC, break the upper part of the rope by using a sword.Oh, and use a sword to kill the chupacabra.Solution 3: Use pegasus.