game beat the boss 2

Every Fighting Game is this.
They have no hitbox and are intended to be used as Game-Breaker fighters for the player to control, but if you neglected to place them outside your fight order in the game's.def file, they'll appear as CPU opponents who are still unbeatable.
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable : The Gears of Destiny : The earlier battles against System U-D are like this, though they're beatable with enough skill.Done well, this defeat will strike fear into the heart of the player, having learned hex binary decimal converter firsthand just how powerful this boss really is; done poorly, it feels like a cheap trick designed to advance the plot, Suspension of Disbelief be damned.Known as the strongest witch in existence, it can cause gigantic and terrible storms and it fights by either hurling any object, including buildings, at its enemy or simply blasting them with powerful flames.If you do win, it doesn't matter anyways, it only changes the following cutscene a little and everyone still treats you like the newbie afterwards while Ruri is still hailed as the best.In this special case, defeating the boss may net you a cool reward of Experience Points or rare items.If you win, you'll get the same event as if you lost, with Cloak and Dagger rescuing Spiderman.And don't even think about winning against The Trickster's second and third forms on your first try.And he can one-shot most tanker-type characters.He takes one point of Scratch Damage with each Buster hit ( even though Ciel says, "You can't damage this thing (the Golem) with a buster." so you could beat him with the Buster.After Mara Jade is captured and seemingly killed by Tavion, an enraged Kyle Katarn tries to fight the Big Bad Desann in a scripted Curb-Stomp Battle in favor of the latter.

This can be a problem, however, as the any necromancer minions (which generally prove very useful in the rest of the mission) have become unbound when the necromancer died and are now wailing away on the resurrected party while the leader chats with the envoys.
He eventually kills the player.
Metroid series: In Super Metroid, the Mother Brain begins as a hopeless boss fight, indestructible and using a wicked beam that pins Samus against the wall.
He does become beatable towards the game's end.
If you lose, the game continues, if you win, you get a joke cutscene, the credits roll, and you have to take it from the top.Your only option is to run, and he will inevitably score a hit or two on you with his axe, which kills in two hits, so you better have some healing items on hand, or this may become an Unwinnable situation.The final encounter with her is a Puzzle Boss fight where you have to push several blocks off a ledge to open her mother's coffin, causing her to jump to her death at the sight." Versus " at the end of Thunder Force IV's fifth stage.The PCs' only options are to attack, which does nothing but damage them, or run away.Shadow of the Colossus interesting because they are all, puzzle Bosses, and, appropriately, Colossus Climbs.