flex builder plugin for eclipse 3.7

Here is the simple steps to add adobe flex builder plugin in eclipse.
The default location of the installation directory for Flex Builder standalone is C:Program FilesAdobeFlex Builder.
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Uninstall Flex Builder 3on Mac OS X: Go to the flex_builder_root /Uninstall Adobe Flex Builder 3 folder.Install Flex Builder Plug-in on Mac oote : Builder is only supported on Eclipse.2.2, Eclipse.3 and websphere mq client for linux Eclipse.4.clean Launch Flex Builder or Eclipse Remove -clean after exiting Flex Builder or Eclipse Install and Configure Flex Automated Testing To use Flex Automated Testing, you must install Flex Builder 3 Professional.I've been googling, but all I've found is some plugin that someone wrote for Flex Builder 2, and no other mentions.To start Flex Builder, locate and double-click the executable file in /Applications/Adobe Flex Builder.Select File Switch Workspace from the menu bar and enter a new directory name.Double-click "Uninstall Adobe Flex Builder 3".

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Design View and CSS Design View FB-11252 A custom component with nothing but a constructor freezes Flex Builder in Design View.
Database Wizards FB-12060 Db Wizard AIR generated descriptor is old (from M5) - There will be a Tech note on this FB-11873 Deleting a data grid record that was selected for updating doesn't work when using a project with an T server side.
View 2 Replies, jan 16, 2011, seems it's in beta since 2007:URL.
Flexdmv-1382 Sort indication shown in sort icon area is incorrect when user wants to change the sort.Swf file by using the t file in flex_builder_root The batch file includes the necessary libraries.Flexdmv-1117 ADG Summary Rows may move to the top when a column is sorted.Review the Release Notes.Note: If you run first time the Flex Builder 3, you must Run as Admin, after which you can run it normally. .View 2 Replies, apr 7, 2011.Flexdmv-1171 Cell highlight incorrect on keyboard navigation using enter key.