exchange 2010 disaster recovery best practices

The basic process of creating a Database Availability Group is as follows: Install Exchange 2010 on to a Windows 2008 SP2 or higher server with the Mailbox Server role.
When this process has been completed on one or more nodes, the system(s) are ready for the rest of the configuration process to continue.
The best backup solutions are ones that leverage VSS to take solid snapshots, which is Microsofts suggested method.Rather than performing a typical Exchange Server installation, open.If the failure is less severe, then you may be able to omit some of the steps that I have discussed.Launch the Exchange Management Console.With the Outlook and Exchange Autodiscover service, clients are redirected to the new server when they try to connect. Offsite backup storage is safe from such disasters but adds to the restore time because the media must first be transported from offsite.Backup Storage, tape magnetic tape backup storage comes in many different formats.When a database has been backed up all of the transaction logs that are no longer required for recovery are removed (truncated) from the server.Circular Logging when this is enabled the database transaction logs are automatically truncated by the server once the database operations are written from memory to the database itself.The time-based hold is ideal for compliance data as it lets you save items for a specific amount of time, then trashes them once that time has expired.The first step to take is to open the.

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The best backup systems are often in businesses that have previously suffered a serious data loss, or those where a legislative requirement for data protection and retention exists.
Some Best Practices we've come up with relative to using Database Availability Groups: Run an additional network adapter in the DAG member nodes to properly support Windows clustering.
What you will learn in this tip: Learn the best way to recover from a disaster affecting your Microsoft Exchange.The configuration information for every Exchange Server role except for the Edge Transport Server role is stored within the.From there you would restore the backup of your mailbox database to the recovery database or recovery storage group.You want windows 7 ultimate sp1 32bit lite v1 by nil.iso to get back up and running as quickly as possible in the event of an outage, so try to keep these databases to a manageable size below their advertised storage"s.When the process completes, you will have to merge your recovery database or recovery storage group with any data that has accumulated in the dial tone database.When prompted, enter a unique name for the Database Availability Group along with the file share witness path and directory which were created earlier.