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Upsource (by JetBrains) web-based, free for up to 10 users, IntelliJ integration (of course).
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If previous reviewers have identified and noted defects in the tally erp 9.1 crack code, Collaborator will identify this with bug icons to indicate the xbox 360 game stuck at 99 presence of a defect.The idea here is that if you are an Eclipse user, you should be able to stay within your IDE and still perform code reviews.After the system uploads the file for review, it then asks the version control system if there was a previous version of the file and creates a diff so reviewers can just look at the changes, rather than the entire file.The Eclipse Plug-in serves two main purposes:.Upload Code to the Server for Review.Warning: If you use another version of Collaborator server, then you should install a matching plugin version: To download and install the Code Collaborator plugin, simply aim your Eclipse-based IDE at this address: m/6.0, if your Eclipse installation cannot access the Smart Bear update site.Here are the (Swedish) slides: Here are links to some code review tools: In addition to this list, code review is one of the features.Some reading suggestions on code review: Coding Horror blog entry Free book from the authors of Code Collaborator White paper from the authors of Klocwork Update: A video recording of the talk is now available.Ensure that your artifacts are reviewed by everyone, so all team members are on the same page, even before coding begins.Customize Collaborator to your workflow and terminology rather than the other way around.

Push the "New Remote Site." button at the right of the screen.
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Choose "Search for new features to install" and click "Next.".Collaborator and IBM Rational Team Concert Demo.Eclipse plugin, older, possibly abandoned tools: When I talked about agile code review on nForum the other day, I made a screencast recording, which is now online.Short video demonstration of Collaborator integrated into the IBM Rational Team Concert workflow.Accept the eula and press "Next.".Collaborator - Document Search, search for words, phrases or sentences in the diff view.