charlie and the chocolate factory cast list 2013

Augustus Gloop's journey through a tight pipe leaves the Fat Bastard squeezed skinny.
Edition has extra dialogue added to the opening chapter to cover for the book using elevator in place of lift.
Killer Rabbit : The squirrels in the Nut-Sorting Room.This gets lampshaded in the 2005 film by Mike Teavee who is astounded at Wonka's Achievements in Ignorance.Gut Feeling : He admits, in the end, that he suspected from the start that Charlie would prove to be the heir he was seeking.Freudian Excuse : It's implied that she has been shaped into what she is by her Stage Mom.Comic Fantasy : Albeit blackly, surreally comic.Too Dumb to Live : All of the kids that end up injured during the tour by ignoring Don't Touch It, You Idiot!He has been nominated for five Tony Awards.He is an Emmy Award winner for co-writing Billy Crystals Oscar medleys, and has most recently been an Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe nominee for the original songs he co-wrote with Scott Wittman for the television show Smash.It starts digipen project fun editor with a delicious soup course, followed by an equally-tasty roast beef plus baked potato course, and finally blueberry pie differential calculus by shanti narayan pdf and cream for dessert and that course is where things take a turn.Creating a Tree Top Town helped with that problem, but they hard drive health check windows 8 still faced a general lack of palatable food.

While not as mean as she is in the 2005 film, here she's shown to be far more arrogant than she is in the book - as well as frequently fighting with Veruca.
During the tour, he is prone to incredulous and/or rude comments and questions about.
He is the director of the Dream Music Puppetry Program at here in New York.
No magic spells or potions Forswear legerdemain My kingdom's created from notions All swirling inside of my brain Narrator : For the first year of the show's West End run, he was the (prerecorded) narrator of the "Creation Overture" animated prologue, though the audience wouldn't.
This is part of what makes him so unnerving to others, given the chaos that seems to swirl around his world.Wonka, when similar disasters happen to his visitors, talks about the solutions as if they were standard safety procedures.Skewed Priorities : Each brat is obsessed with something: Augustus with food, Violet with gum chewing, Veruca with obtaining material things, and Mike with television.Narrative Filigree : The Oompa-Loompa songs are the most obvious examples of this the things that happen to the naughty kids are Anvilicious enough on their own but a significant chunk of the book, including whole chapters, is devoted to observing, describing, discussing, or even.Andrew Keister Sound Design Broadway: Godspell, Company, Taller Than a Dwarf.Pet the Dog : In the novel, 2005 film, and 2010 opera, during the boat ride he scoops two mugfuls of melted chocolate from the river for Charlie and Grandpa Joe to enjoy, having noticed how thin and bony they look.