c language setup file

The game army 230 can goc path of the system's 32-bit Program Files directory, typically "C:Program Files" on 32-bit Windows and "C:Program Files (x86 on 64-bit Windows.
Sendto The path to the current user's Send To folder.
Exe /extract "C:My work this command will extract the i file in the "My work" folder.
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Userfavorites commonfavorites * The path to the Favorites folder.And /help, both these commands will display a help dialog containing the command line options for the EXE setup.Any other bootstrapper command line parameters are appended to this command.You can use both an UI level and /exelang command line options at the same time.If this marker is not used, the bootstrapper will automatically use something like msiexec.On 64-bit Windows, by default, the System32 path returned by this constant maps to the directory containing 32-bit system files, just like on 32-bit Windows.

"C from the specified path.
The path of the system's 32-bit Common Files directory, typically "C:Program FilesCommon Files" on 32-bit Windows and "C:Program Files (x86)Common Files" on 64-bit Windows.
Go to "SettingsCompiler and Debugger.".
Typically, these constants are used in Registry or INI entries to save their values for later use.Note that you do not need to escape the closing brace of a constant as described above; that is only necessary when the closing brace is used elsewhere.Usertemplates commontemplates * The path to the Templates folder.Note that the MSI parameters must come after the bootstrapper parameters.Name and DefaultValue may include constants.Exe using the the password "secret" to decrypt the package.