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Pokemon GO Anniversary Event Begins 10 Things We Hate About The New Pokemon GO Gyms.
Warrior - by it from trainer warror.
The you see the healer by the portal, Talk to her and get a quest called Fire gem.Then click Quests click the quest Arm Yourself, and click accept.Go far to the right but not to next room and kill dwakel blaster 4 times.Click options add friend on either One and we will help you get exp, gold.Thrax is in marsh and wisteria Is in guru forerst.Hint: - Submitted by: Alvin franz First go to the river power rangers wild force episodes then talk to Pete noggle accept all his quests then fight all Fishes, then the monster.Then go out the inn.He will come close to you but remember not to touch the laser.Brown wolf - by it from aria.Golds 2- Bone staff Sell Price?Well, I hope this helped.

Talk TO toil fouest "candy basket".
How to get 10k in 5minutes: Go to forest of chaos then kill 7 chaos wolves then kill chaos bear at least 4 times then If you have barbarbric tribesman armor sell it to have 8k (the armor is for upgrades only).
Now you should be in portalundead.
Number 8 : Keep fighting till you get fire GEM!1 Number 9 : Once you get it talk to Cleric Dawn and click Quest then Click Fire Gem then (turn IN) Number 10 : Once you get Burn it Down Number 11 : CLick Shop.
To get easy Candies, there Is a chest monster in the First Floor.Gold Grizzle Spit Drops: boxes 1- Giant Protector Blade Sell Price 7,500 Golds 2- Spine Gripper Sell Price?Kill until it drops and sell at yulgars.You will notice that the army of that dosen't move is gone.Pets: - Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding pet.Golds Purple Slime Drops: cellar 1- Purple Slime Staff Sell Price 1,750 Golds Sharkbait Drops: pirates 1- Wave cutter Sell Price 10,000 Golds Treeant Drops: farm 1- Witch's Broom Sell Price?You will get more experience, gold and rep from them faster than standard level tens, And you'll get more than slimes will give you.