american dad hot water episode

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But since this was a non canon episode, the Hot Tub and the events/deaths that happened were never real.
It is also possible that Francine died too.This is proven when Stan, Francine, and some others are later seen alive in the next episodes.It was sent to a mental hospital but later escaped.Also, the hurricane-themed crossover episode with The Cleveland Show and Family Guy that would have aired the previous season but was postponed due to tornadoes in the South, aired October.And the main antagonist in the episode "Hot Water".Season 7 Episode 1 Hot Water.Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page.Cee Lo announces that Stan is dead, ending the episode abruptly.That night, after keygen cyberlink media suite 10 ultra a party, the tub eventually becomes evil and draws Stan to it, leading Francine to give Stan an ultimatum: the tub or her (Do Whatever You Like).Type of Villain, love stealer, serial killer, the 70's Hot Tub was a villain in the animated TV series.Season 7 Episode 2 Hurricane!

Margarite and Principal Lewis go to Stan's house, where the hot tub swallows Lewis and causes an escaping Margarite to crash his car, killing him.
Season 7 Episode 3 A Ward Show.
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When Stan chooses the tub, Francine packs the rest of the family and leaves for her parents' house (Daddy's Gone).Stan ignores him, buying the hot tub and taking it home with him.Francine starts to worry about the hot tub's effect on Stan, and orders him to stay out.The hot tub then draws Francine back home, imitating Stan on the phone.There, he learns that the hot tub can talk, tempting Stan into using it (Dip a Toe).Mature, the page Hot Tub contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some.