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Break-points are where you can set the game stop running while in debug mode, and the Debug Module will show you details of the current action being run, the variables being used and a whole host of other details.
WAV music is really shitty, but exporting to Flash is pretty awesome.
MyWorld - Plains of the Nomad.When you check this box you are telling.For further information on how to use the debug module, please see the section on Debugging.This is just like when working with code, where each line gets its own line number, and is designed to make debugging and finding your way around complex constructions and action lists.To bookmark an action, simply click on it once to select it with the mouse, then press control number to add a bookmark at that point (The number is from 1 - 9 and is any one of the number keys at the top.Here is an image to further explain what this means, and as you will see, checking "relative" can have a big influence on the result of the action!GameMaker: Studio so unique is the ease with which simple commands and functions can be made to manipulate your game world using actions.Would Game Maker 2 be worth using as a hobbyist Indie Game Dev.All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

These actions come in the form of action sets, with each set having a number of icons that you can drag and drop into an object event to create behaviours for that object (this is commonly called just "DnD in reference to the drag'n'drop aspect).
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This functionality can be switched off in the.
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You can add a break-point (or multiple break-points) by selecting the action from the list and either right click and select toggle break-point or by pressing F9 (see image above).Finally you have object which means that the action will be applied to all instances of a particular object that are active in the current room.GameMaker: Studio that the values you input to the fields of the action are to be relative to the original value rather than being absolute.The consistent part of most actions is the check-box labeled.Scripts Preferences, but note that doing so will also switch off line numbering for code boxes and the script editor.Game Development, Design Illustration, Animation Modeling, Software Training.GameMaker: Studio which instances are to be considered as "running" this action and the default is self, which is the instance of the object that has the action in its action list.Now, as you can see above, when you drop an action in the action list, normally a window will pop-up in which you can fill in certain parameters for the action, and you can find a description of each of these actions and parameters.